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With over $253 million in combined sales and multiple #1 best-sellers across the top affiliate platforms they said I should retire...

Instead I've doubled down, creating what I truly believe is the ultimate info product. Combining over 20 years of trial and error, multi-million dollar testing, some epic fails and some GIANT wins - Underestimated is something that anyone can use - and with a little work and dedication, create legacy levels of financial wellbeing.

If you're an affiliate you don't just need to sell this - using the information inside could leverage your success 5x, 10x, even 20x from where you are right now:

  • Foolproof blueprint to all-niche success
  • Proven 7, 8 and 9 figure strategies
  • My exact step-by-step methods
  • Simple fast track product creation
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Some of the biggest names in marketing directly attribute their success to my past courses or affiliate programs...

John Crestani


Craig Clemens


Greg Morrison


The million dollar question is, could you be next?


While the Underestimated program may be the new kid on the block, our pre-launch tests saw epic results such as $201 EPC and conversion rates as high as 7.9% even on cold traffic.

With refunds almost non-existent and experienced marketers calling it "The New Marketing Bible", things are about to get VERY exciting.


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The Product

Underestimated is quite literally my life's work.

It's a culmination of well over 100,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears... a distillation of 25 years of hard slog, frequent frustration and long dark lonely nights - where I took the massive financial gut-punches, the lawsuits and the worst personal crises anyone could imagine on the path to making consistent million-dollar days.

I faced the hits, did the time and won and lost FORTUNES across the years as my data slowly revealed undeniable truths: truths which can almost guarantee a 6 or 7 figure product - while protecting even the biggest suckers from the pitfalls, lies and scams that trip up 98% of digital marketers.

Essentially it's an A-Z Blueprint - the EXACT methods I now use to launch and build multiple multi-million dollar companies - but without all the B.S, pain and suffering.

In short, I enjoyed those mental breakdowns so YOU don't have to!

  • Underestimated guides marketers of all skill levels through it's A-Z blueprint in ridiculously easy to follow detail.
  • No fluff, no woolly theory and absolutely none of the copy-paste BS most so-called experts are shilling.
  • The value is immediately obvious so there are near ZERO refunds or chargebacks.
  • Nothing is hidden - I give behind-the-curtain access to ALL my businesses.
  • The blueprint can be applied to any business in any niche, but obviously some will do FAR better than others. I point to those near guaranteed big money top-performers.
  • Best thing is it's almost all on video. Watch in bed, the bath, on the train, or at the beach!

Be honest. How many affiliate products do you promote that you actually buy?

With Underestimated almost EVERY SINGLE affiliate jumps on the program - and puts it into practice.

In the same way as my Bring The Fresh affiliates took over the precious metals industry making '$100k months' seem like a new normal, Underestimated affiliates are taking over EVERYTHING and the market doesn't know what's hit it!


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subj: a pretty embarrasing confession

I saw a Facebook post from a fairly well-known internet martketer...

Basically talking about how he had become a "has-been".

And I was pretty blown away.

Here it is below:


I must admit something embarrassing…

Not long ago I overheard some top marketers discussing me in private…

And what I heard was soul-crushing...

They said I was:

- A Has-Been
- Overrated
- A One-Hit Wonder

And I have to say...

Although the words pierced through me like a knife...

They were kinda right.

I had once been talked about in some circles as a “top marketer”…

But that was well over a decade ago.

My peers were now on stage with Tony Robbins or Richard Branson…

Changing the world.

Meanwhile I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs…

Thinking about “the good ole days”.

I hadn’t created a massively profitable website in ages.

I wasn’t even sure if I knew how anymore.

Maybe there was just too much competition these days…

Or maybe I just wasn't as smart as I thought I was.

Or maybe...

I had gotten lucky in the past, and my luck simply ran out.

***Stuck In the Olden Days***

In 2005 I created a product that 500,000 people purchased.

It was an ebook called "The Rich Jerk".

I sold that company for a few million dollars…

And I thought I was a genius.

But being in my twenties and stupid…

I spent all the money in less than 2 years, until I was flat broke.

"Broke" as in…

Selling all of my stuff on eBay…

Going through a bitter divorce…

And my house going into foreclosure…

That kind of broke.

I was definitely less rich, and more jerk.

Not long after that, I was fortunate enough to partner with some people who were smarter than me…

And I earned a healthy income for a couple years, working alongside them.

But nothing to get overly excited about.

When those partners ultimately moved on to new, more successful projects without me…

I was left scratching my head.

What should I do next?

Well, for the next 5 years I jumped on every trend I could, such as:

- Selling t-shirts from Facebook ads
- Creating a Shopify Store
- Selling on Amazon FBA
- Being an Entrepreneur "Coach"
- Doing Affiliate Marketing
- Orchestrating a Big Product Launch

None of it worked.

Meanwhile, my friends were posting pics of their new Lamborghini’s on my Facebook feed every other day.

And those posts chipped away at my confidence...

Like death by a thousand cuts.

Was I a loser?

What was I doing wrong?

Maybe I truly was the Vanilla Ice of marketing…

A one-hit wonder.

But little did I know…

A simple email to my mom was about to change everything.

And help me finally discover exactly what I was doing wrong...

Putting me on the road to a massive $50 million dollar windfall...

( continued at YOUR LINK HERE )


This prints money on cold Facebook ads traffic:

If a 445% ROI on Facebook ad spend sounds good to you. . .  enjoy!

For the most aggressive paid-ad affiliates with a proven track record in producing results, I'm more than happy to work directly with you.

My team can produce custom creatives or any assets to help scale!

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But Don't Just Take My Word For It

Even though I still get super-embarrassed bigging myself up there are some very smart marketers out there with nice things to say about me.

Some of the most successful guys in their fields - folks with enormous brains and even bigger bank balances - rate my work and my teachings. Guys who got started with my programs and who I helped along the way.

So as my face gets redder and my ears start to burn, I give you the cream of online-marketing royalty:

reviewKelly Felix is one of the smartest marketers in the history of the internet.

I was able to create my first 7-figure business directly because of something I learned from Kelly.”

Craig Clemens, Co-Founder of Golden Hippo Media


reviewKelly is a marketing genius and a pioneer on so many fronts. When he speaks, I listen!.”

Josh Elizetxe, Owner of Snow Teeth Whitening ($100m+ in sales)


reviewGive Kelly Felix a bottle cap. He'll trade it up for something more valuable.

Give him a bit of time and he'll have traded that bottle cap for an empire.”

Travis Sago, Owner of Million Dollar Offer Mojo


reviewBehind Kelly Felix's terrifying stare lies one of the absolute smartest marketing minds in the world (not to mention one of the best teachers of marketing.)

If you get a chance to learn from Kelly and you don't, it means you're a big dum dum head.”

Chris Haddad, Owner of Digital Romance & Multiple #1 Clickbank Bestsellers


reviewThere are many fantastic marketers in the world, but only a few true innovators.

Kelly Felix is one of them - innovator of copy, positioning, production, and delivery. The man's influence will be felt and appreciated for decades to come...which is like millennia in Internet marketing terms.”

Jon Benson, The Billion Dollar Copy Coach


reviewI made my very first sale online using Kelly's ads to article method. Then I went on to build a million dollar company from that same strategy.

In an industry loaded with pretenders, I can always count on Kelly for the real practical strategies.”

Justin Brooke, Owner of


reviewKelly Felix is the reason I found success online, not once, but TWICE. The first time was in 2006 when I found his product and made a bunch of money but was very young and went down the wrong path with my success.

After maturing and starting broke again, I Googled him and found a newer product of his. Again he led me on the path to success and freedom from the 9-5, which I've been doing since around 2011.”

Greg Morrison, Co-Founder of OMG Machines


reviewKelly is a legend. He builds and sells businesses most people only dream of. As OG as they come.

Ignore him at your own peril.”

Kevin David, 1 Million YouTube Followers and Amazon Top Seller


reviewThe problem with becoming a master at anything, is the inability to teach or show others all the nuances of how you did it.

Kelly is the exception. Not only does he create incredible success for himself, he knows how to break it all down so others can create their own success too.

He’s become the Obi-Wan of customer-getting online.”

Todd Herman, Author: "The Alter Ego Effect" and Coach to Pro Athletes and Leaders


reviewI remember stumbling on one of Kelly's first marketing campaigns.And I always thought it was genius.”

Tai Lopez, - Over 5 Million Followers on Social Media


reviewFor as long as I can remember the online marketing space there has been a Kelly Felix. Kelly has always been an innovator from the Rich Jerk on. I’ve always admired his different slant and take on the industry.

You can tell the true grit of someone by their longevity, and Kelly has proven his. ”

Perry Belcher, Co-Founder of


reviewKelly is one of the best internet marketers that I know. I hired him for coaching years ago when I was first starting out, and he gave me invaluable advice that helped me build my information product business.

If you have the opportunity to learn from him, I highly recommend that you do!”

Stefan James, Founder of Project Life Mastery (1 Million YouTube Subscribers)


reviewI got started online with Kelly's training, and now I run an 8 figure business with 350,000 Youtube followers.

Kelly is the real deal.”

John Crestani,


I stand fully by every product I publish or service I create and use the exact things I teach - every single day. If you asked me why so many affiliates made their first $100, $1000, $100,000 or $million with me - or why they stuck with me over the last 10-20 years I'd say it's down to this:
It works.

Totally excited to see you win big on this offer!


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